"Huginn and Muninn" Shamanic Drum

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This one of a kind drum was hand painted by the talented Anjie of vixvolante.com.

Huginn and Muninn are Odin's Ravens who fly all over Midgard to gather information for the All-Father.

Not only is it a beautiful sounding drum but a work of art in its own right! 

The Frame Drum is one of the oldest known musical instruments; it is reputed by some to be the first skin drum to exist. They are used across the world on all kinds of ceremonies and other occasions.

Our shamanic frame drums are constructed using a ring and rope system on a sturdy, wooden frame. They are skinned with goat hide for a deep, primal resonance.

Play with hands or a soft beater (included).

Padded carry bag included

42cm x 42cm x 6cm

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